TALES FROM THE TENETS written and illustrated by Lisa Southard, is currently available from Amazon as a print or ebook. 
'These are five stories, one for each of the tenets: courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self control and indomitible spirit. I wrote them to read out around the fire at the Southwest TAGB Junior Camp and the response was so positive I decided it would be easy, inexpensive and fun to put them out as a print-on-demand or ebook, so the children, their parents and any Instructors with junior classes could share them.
We learn about courtesy from a rude clown who has a deservedly smelly shock, about integrity from a magpie who meets a gruesome end, about perseverance from an explorer surrounded by ridiculous perils, about self control from a robot named Timmy, some finely seasoned sausages and an argument over shoes, and finally consider how to practice indomitible spirit in a zombie apocalypse scenario.
The subtitle is Gruesome Stories With Good Morals... the stories are a bit revolting but this is the best way to prompt moral thinking without getting bored, I think. It's a sort of teaching by stealth, so I hope my readers have fun with it. I put the moral of each story in but if you are reading aloud to children it might be better to leave that out and prompt some independant discussion instead. '
Lisa is delighted to have been invited back for camp fire stories next year. She has completed the second volume, Tales from The Tenets 2, the Shakespeare Edition, and has plenty more ideas!



Black Belt Books is also delighted to be the storyteller of choice for
MACAW (Martial Arts And Creative Arts Workshops) at their Bude based summer camp. 


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