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First in a planned series of stories that add excitement to the basic techniques of Tae Kwon-Do, and following the adventures of Kwon who is not like the other ducks.
He's 15 feet tall, his knee caps are made of steel and he has a fist at the end of each wing. This doesn't mean he isn't scared of the monsters who are trying to take over the beautiful park where he lives. 
Find out how his training helps, prepare yourself for an 
unexpected ending...
Written by Lisa Southard with illustrations by Zoë Uglow.

Zoë is a 1st Degree Black belt, a graduate of Falmouth University, a journalist, and a self taught artist. This is her illustrational debut! She is booked for the sequel already which hopefully will make its way into print in 2021.
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Lisa Southard also writes fiction for adults, not Tae Kwon-Do related (although it does get the odd mention). Her blog 'Wishbone Soup Cures Everything' has been running since 2011.