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Lisa Southard writes:

In a fit of whimsy and curiosity I signed up for the RockSolid Race (March 21st, Escot, Exeter) and am now scared. Excited too, but the training programme is off to a slow start- I have a chest infection and being tucked up in bed is not getting my legs conditioned. Which for the 15k 'black run' might be essential. Fear begins to undermine the whole idea... Facing fears and steering out of the comfort zone, however, are two of my favourite aspects of martial arts training so it won't be stopping me. Things in my favour are 1) I have now made it public so I will look more ridiculous if I don't have a go. 2 ) I joined a team and so will have support and the push of not letting my teamies down! 3) I always fall in the water and am fine with that :-)

Lisa Southard In The River

Fingers crossed for a swift recovery- will be reporting on my progress and looking forward to sharing the triumph of survival! That's a good physical challenge sorted- mental challenges of writing and illustrating new books are ongoing too... but that's secret stuff at the moment...

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