Rock Solid Survival!

The 15 kilometres of mud and obstacles are a happy memory now- whereas the night before they were a looming threat... I did get very cold, that was the worst of it. I did get scared- because I am still scared of heights- but this was not a bad thing at all. With my team's support I was able to tackle obstacles that I would never have volunteered to try. Several times my mind wanted to give up but training had all ready taught me that my body will carry on and I was able to override the tired and afraid feelings. (This is why we drill!!) On the very last obstacle my hands were so cold I couldn't grip the climbing wall sufficiently but I was dragged over the top and landed like a fish by some kindly strangers who knew how I was struggling- so I turned back to land the person behind me as a way of paying back the kindness. Favourite obstacle was the water slide- the speed was hilarious, and being shot into the middle of a chilly lake is fine with me, I prefer wild swimming. Least favourite was the slippery sheer slope rope climb- however the satisfaction of getting over it was worth all the tension. Next year I am very keen to get a team of juniors so they can start to experience this- it is a great test of spirit!


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