Chon Ji 


This story time travels to the beginning of time, just after the giants have divided chaos into sea and sky. It's a bright and exciting time, but do look out for the monster!

Dan Gun

1,908 years old and ready to retire, King Dan Gun has a story to tell: as would you if your parents were a god and a former bear.



Ahn Ch'ang Ho is dying: what does he think of, as he lies in that hospital bed?



He wasn't like the other monks. Something strange happened on the road to China...


Yul Gok

Yi I wasn't like the other scholars. They spent no time at all melting iron.


Joong Gun

An Joong Gun shoots four men at a railway station, knowing he will be arrested and executed. Why would anyone choose that difficult fate?

Why does Yi Hwang dream of monkeys?

Toi Gye

Hwa Rang

The Flowering Youth group helped to unite the three kingdoms of Korea in the 7th century. Over a thousand years later, Major General Choi Hong Hi thinks of the Hwa-rang, as his 29th Infantry Division prepare to show off their new Korean martial art.

Choong Moo

Admiral Yi Sun Sin fought 23 naval battles. He was shot in the shoulder and shrugged it off, but his heart was surprisingly tender. Real hero material!


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