Why I wrote this book

There is so much more to Tae Kwon do than punching and kicking.
Each pattern (a sequence of attacks and defences against one or more imaginary opponets) has a meaning attached to it,which students are required to learn. These pattern meanings are intended to inspire students, showing the five tennets: courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self control and imdomitable spirit, in action. In practice, students tend to memorise a bunch of words, not always correctly. It is very amusing to be told by an earnest six year old that YI the First was an expert on Neon Confusion but if he knew the real story of Yi I he would be getting a much fuller Tae Kwon Do experience. Pattern meanings are a marvelous, under-used resource for teaching Tae Kwon Do, for teaching about life and death, about another very different culture, about philosophy and true bravery. I hope my stories will help parents, carers and Instructors share this potential with their children and students of all ages. I wrote this book because these stories are brilliant, and as a thank you to all the amazing people who have helped and continue to help me on my Tae Kwon Do journey





I recommend my students buy this book. They are required to learn the pattern meanings and this way it actually means something to them. I recommend it to other Instructors too. It helps parents who don't train be involved as well.
Mr Peter O'Neill (6th Degree Black Belt, Senior Instructor, TAGB)